7 TESDA Short Courses with Free Training

Are you planning to take TESDA courses? If yes, here’s some good news for you. Masbate Institute of Fisheries and Technology is now offering 7 TESDA short courses with free training. So if you’re still undecided on what course to take, check this out.

List of TESDA Courses with Free Training

  • Driving NC II 
  • Cookery NC II
  • Electrical Installation and Maintenance
  • Heavy Equipment Operation (Backhoe Loader) NC II 
  • Rice Machinery Operation (RMO) NC II
  • Organic Agriculture Production NC II
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) NC I

Requirements Needed:

  • 4pcs 1×1 ID picture
  • 4 pcs Passport size ID picture
  • At least a High School graduate
  • Physically Fit
  • Barangay Clearance
  • Medical Certificate
  • PSA Birth Certificate Photocopy
  • Photocopy of Report Card/ALS Result/TOR
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character or Honorable Dismissal
  • 2 pcs Long white folder

How to Enroll?

Masbate Institute of Fisheries and Technology is the school who are offering the scholarship and training program. If you want to enroll, you visit or call them. They are located at Cayabon, Milagros, Masbate. Once you get there, just find May Flor R. Valler, Registrar Designate, or call them at 09638035797 / (056) 578-6871 / 0968-291-5967.

For more information, you may contact TESDA through the following contact details:
Landline: 8887-7777
Email: [email protected]
0917-479-4370 (text only)

TESDA Housekeeping NCII
TESDA Free Caregiving NCII Course

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