How to Claim Your PhilHealth Hospitalization Benefits

Being sick is not a good thing and the idea of using your hard-earned money paying bills due to hospitalization is very frustrating. However, if that happened you do not have a choice but to settle your bill, because if you do not it might lead to a larger problem.

Good thing we have PhilHealth here in the Philippines. It is indeed a big help to every Filipino because it provides financial assistance if a health problem occurs to its members.

What are the Requirements Needed When Claiming PhilHealth Hospitalization Benefits:

  • PhilHealth
  • Valid ID
  • An updated copy of your Member Data Record (MDR)
  • Original copy of Philhealth Claim Form 1
  • Certificate of Premium Payments with OR numbers

What’s the Procedure When Claiming PhilHealth Hospitalization Benefits:

  1. If you got admitted or your dependent for more than 24 hours, inform the emergency room nurse that you will use your PhilHealth
  2. Show your PhilHealth ID at the admitting section of the hospital as a proof
  3. Submit all the necessary documents that they will ask
  4. After that, they will check and verify all your document
  5. Once verified wait for them to process and then automatic deduction of your benefits from your total bill will be done before the end of your stay at the hospital

-For you to avail the PhilHealth benefits you must be admitted for more than 24 hours as declared by a Doctor or Medical Professional
-The PhilHealth will only work in PhilHealth accredited hospitals
-A member can only consume 45 days of confinement and that is shared among all dependents

Having PhilHealth makes your life easier in times of health issues. So if you’re not a member yet, you must consider to apply now and get chance to take advantage of all the benefits.

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