How to Get SSS Number Online

Apply on being a member of SSS is a great decision because you will be able to take advantage of all the benefits they offer to their members. SSS insurance benefits includes maternity, disability, sickness, retirement, death, and salary loan, but before you enjoy those benefits, you must have your SSS number first.

What are the Benefits You Can Get If You Have SSS Number?

  1. Maternity Benefit
    If a women who is a SSS member wasn’t able to go to work due to childbirth or miscarriage, SSS will give her daily allowance.
  2. Sickness Benefit
    A member who has an injury or illness and wasn’t able to go to work will receive a cash allowance.
  3. Disability Benefit
    A member who got physical or mental disability either partial or permanent will receive a monthly pension or lump sum amount.
  4. Retirement Benefit
    If a member is already 60 years and can no longer go to work, they will receive either monthly pension or lump sum amount.
  5. Funeral Benefit
    The person who paid for the burial costs of a deceased member will receive a cash benefit
  6. Death Benefit
    Beneficiaries of the deceased member will receive either a monthly pension or a lump sum amount.
  7. Unemployment Benefit
    A member who got involuntarily separated from their employers will receive a cash allowance.

Who can get an SSS number?

  1. Employee (Regular, Contractual, or Probationary)
    -Private Sectors Company
    -Foreign Government Employees
  2. Self-Employed
    -Casual or Job Order worker
    -Informal workers
    -Directors and Actors
    -Journalist and Writers
    -Professional Coaches and Athletes who have licensed from the Games and Amusement Board
    -Jockeys and trainers licensed by the Philippine Racing Commission
  3. Non-Working Spouse
    A legal spouse of an SSS member is qualified.
  4. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)
    -Filipinos who earn income from outside the country
    -Workers who goto recruited by foreign employers for work abroad
    -Filipinos who are already permanent residents in other countries

What are the Requirements Needed?

  1. Birth Certificate issued by PSA, if you don’t have PSA you can submit any of these instead:

    Primary ID’s
    -Driver’s License
    -PRC Card
    -Seaman’s Book

    Secondary ID’s (If you don’t have primary ID you can submit any of these secondary ID)
    -ATM card with name
    -Company ID
    -Credit Card
    -Firearm License (PNP)
    -GSIS Card
    -Marriage Certificate
    -NBI Clearance
    -Pag-IBIG Card
    -PhilHealth Card
    -TIN Card
    -Postal ID
    -School ID
    -Senior Citizen ID
    -Police Clearance
    -Student Permit (LTO)
    -Voter’s ID (COMELEC)
  2. Marriage Certificate, but if separated, annulled, or divorced present a proof or valid certification.

Here’s the Step by Step Guide On How to Get SSS Number Online:

  1. Visit SSS website
  2. You will see “No SSS Number Yet? Apply Online!” click the link that says “Click here”
  3. Once clicked you will be redirected to a page and then click the “Start” button to be redirected to the Registrant Record Verification page.
  4. Fill out the online form, make sure to double-check all the details and provide an active email address. Once done click the “Submit” button
  5. Check your email afterward because SSS will send you a confirmation email with the registration link. (Be advised that the registration link is only valid for 5 days after that it will expire)
  6. Once you receive the email, click the link associated
  7. Once clicked, you will be redirected to the registration page
  8. Provide information such as “Basic Information” and “Beneficiaries Information”. Make sure all is correct to avoid the problem in the future
  9. Once done, the system will show you summary of all the information you provided and for the last time make sure everything is right
  10. Click the “Generate SSS Number”
  11. The system will show you the confirmation associated with your SSS number
  12. To have a hard copy of your documents, just click the print button below
  13. You will also receive an email from SSS and kindly print as well all the documents that were sent
  14. Once you have all the documents ready, submit it all at the nearest SSS branch in your location to make it a permanent number.

    NOTE: Temporary SSS number never expires, but you can have it changed to permanent anytime.

Indeed, SSS is one of the most trusted government agency, so if you don’t have an SSS number yet, you should get yours already because all of the benefits they offer awaits for you.

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