Ina Raymundo teases Julia Barreto to be her daughter-in-law to his son Jacob Poturnak

Julia Barreto recently had Ina Raymundo as a guest for the latest episode of her Drunk and Spill series on her youtube channel.

We all know that they have worked together is several projects that is why they get along with each other well.

Ina stated “Finally nagkasama na kami. Kasi simula nu’ng nag-lockdown, palagi kami nagpa-plano na magkita. So, finally, after eight months,”

Ina also makes Julia blush as she said that she approves Julia Barretto for her son Jacob Poturnak, and she doesn’t mind the seven-year age gap between Julia and her son Jacob.

Julia said that she considers Ina as her best friend and a mom as well, she said that “She’s just somebody that I call my mom and I always tell her you’re my half momma and my half best friend,”

Ina also shares the movie that they were in together, she said that their friendship started in 2016 at their first movie together which is the Vince and Kath and James, second is the Ngayon at Kailanman and then after that is the Block Z, and then lastly is the I Am You.

In addition to that, Ina also revealed that she was one of the first persons who know that Marjorie Barreto is pregnant with Julia. She said “

Julia is very thankful for the relationship she has with Ina, she was also thankful that Ina accepted her invitation to be a guest in the latest episode of her series.

As they are doing the vlog, Julia saw Ina’s son looking at them and she said “Look at the very handsome son,” and then Ina added “Kuya, can I say that you have a crush on Julia?” her son responded, “You already said so…”

Ina continued to tease Julia, she said ”Kaya pala ‘yung feeling ko sa kanya para ko siyang daughter kasi daughter-in-law ko pala siya in the future.” she also added that she don’t mind the 7 years age gap between the two.

As Julia finishes her segment she asks Ina to give her advice, Ina said “For me, I would say, stay the way you are. I know you want to have a family someday [so] have a lot of babies. At least four. You’ll have beautiful babies like you’re mom ‘di ba? Ang sarap talaga. It’s a blessing to have many children. Stay the way you are. Have more fun”

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