Income Class in the Philippines | What Income Class Do You Belong?

There are so many Filipinos affected because of the new pandemic that is spreading all over the world. So many people had lost their job or got forced to stop temporarily but that is for their safety as well. However, there are many Filipinos complaining because they said, how will they be able to survive every day if they don’t have the money to buy food.

Lucky for those indigents because our government got their back. Most of the government agencies prioritize to help indigent families. The question is, how about those people in the middle class who also lost their source of income due to COVID-19? Will they receive help from our government too?

Suddenly the good news came. Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles recently announced that the middle-income wage earners in the Philippines who have not received their salary due to the COVID-19 crisis will be given cash assistance. It was under the Small Business Wage Subsidy Program which is seen to help middle-class families.

So if you’re not sure where do you belong in the Philippine income classes, check this out.

Here are the Philippine Income Classes:

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