TESDA Courses That are In Demand Abroad

Are you unemployed and planning to apply abroad? If yes, you better take TESDA courses that are in demand abroad for a higher chance of getting a job overseas. The job that will be listed below is in demand in countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Dubai, Qatar, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Canada. These countries are in need of highly skilled individuals in a certain field of specialization. Good thing, TESDA offers technical and vocational training and assessment for FREE.

TESDA Courses That are In-Demand Abroad Guidelines

List of TESDA Courses That are In-Demand Abroad

  • Agricultural Crops Production NC I, NCII and NCIII
  • Automotive servicing NC I, NC II, NC III, and NC IV
  • Barbering NC II
  • Bartending NC II, and Barista NC II
  • Beauty Care NC II, and NC III
  • Bread and pastry Production NC II
  • Caregiving NC II
  • Carpentry NC II and NC III
  • CNC Lathe Machine Operation NC II and NC III
  • Construction Lift Passenger Material Elevator Operation NC II
  • Food and beverage services NC II, NC III, and NC IV
  • Food processing NC I, NC II, NC III, NC IV
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding NC I, NC II, and NC III
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding NC II, and NC IV
  • Gas Welding NC I, and NC II
  • Hairdressing NC II, and NC III
  • Health Care Services NC II
  • Housekeeping NC II, NC III, and NC IV
  • Jewelry Making (Fine Jewelry) NC II, and NC III
  • Machining NC I, NC II, and NC III
  • Pattern Making NC II
  • Pipe Fitting NC II
  • Plant Maintenance NC I
  • Plastic Machine Operation NC II, and NC III
  • Plumbing NC I, NC II, and NC III
  • Press Machine Operation NC I
  • Process Inspection NC II, and NC III
  • PV System Design NC III, Servicing NC III, Installation NC II
  • Slaughtering Operations NC II
  • Refrigeration and Airconditioning Servicing NC
  • Tower Crane NC II

NOTE: There are still a lot of in-demand TESDA courses abroad that were not mentioned above.

All students who will complete the training and assessment can have the National Certificate. This certificate will represent the seal of excellence from the educational agency. Once you receive it, you can now apply at any local company or to Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) accredited manpower agencies. Once you secure a job abroad, you can earn ranging from $650 to $750 or even as much as PHP 100,000 per month depending on the job you applied for.

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